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  • espressolab steepbru cold - How To Make Cold Brew Coffee
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[ buy 3 free 1 ] steepbru cold (cold brew / stronger hot brew)

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espressolab steepbru cold  

beans origin : Guatemala Ethiopia & Indonesia   
taste notes: 
dark chocolate & hazelnut          
intensity: strong

crafted especially for enjoyment at home (or some say neccesity due to working from home), the espressolab steepbru is smooth and aromatic with fragrance of toasted nuts and bold flavours of cacao and caramel.

good for anytime of the day, but especially delicious with cakes and dessert. 

product description  ⇣ 

⦿ content : steepbru cold coffee sachets (for cold & stronger hot brew)

    *1 box contains 10 sachets and each sachet is 12gm of [100% premium roasted ground coffee] 

⦿ ingredients : premium coffee beans

⦿ weight : 120g/box

⦿ shelf life : 2 years  

brew guide   

1. just add hot water and let steep for 3-4 minutes for *hot black* coffee or add room temperature water and steep overnight in the fridge for *cold brew*  

for a stronger punch, put 2 sachets together in a cup.  

2. add milk or sugar according to taste.  

diet preference  ⇣ 

✔ suitable for diabetics

✔ gluten-free 

✔ ketogenic 

✔ does not contain haram ingredients 

✔ suitable for those who are lactose intolerant 🥛 

✔ vegan 🌿

✔ vegetarian 🌿

✔ suitable for elders

✔ suitable for those who are hypertensive

storage guideline  ⇣ 

✻ dry and cool storage

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